25 best things for new expats in Thailand to do

Bangkok Thailand
According to the Thai Bureau of immigration, there are between 300,000 and 400,000 expats in the country at the moment. Most of them are from Asian countries, but there is still a sizable chunk of people drawn from Europe, America and Africa. In fact, the country is a startling display of diversity, and 4 million out of the 67 million people living in the country are not Thai-born. This essentially means that if you are an expat in the country, feeling out of place will definitely not be part of your experience.

So, what is there to do when you're done at the office and all you want is a sample of the Land of Smiles? Thailand.

Take a trip to the floating markets
Treat yourself to the impressive sight of hawkers in boats piled high with delicacies and colorful produce. Whether you are in Bangkok, Ratchaburi or Samut Songkhram, there will always be such a market close to you.

Visit ruins and natural parks
Sample Thai's diversity by making a visit to these exquisite venues, some of which are UNESCO heritage sites.

Tour the Great Palace
This massive edifice of grandeur and sophistication is wildly complex and has been around for the last two centuries.

Mekong riverGo on a shopping spree 
If you are in Bangkok, try Chatuchak and the Weekend Market. In the North, take a look at the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar.

View the Golden Triangle
Known as Sop Ruak to the locals, this is the point where Myanmar, Thailand and Laos meet.

Join the locals for festivals
These festivities offer an insight into Thai ways of life and are most common in April, October and November.

Ride with the elephants
If you want to know more about Thailand's national symbol, head over to the Thai Elephant Conservation Center.

Interact with the locals in hill tribe villages
The Hmong, Karen and Lisu tribes are spread throughout the North. Find a guide and enjoy a look into this way of life.

Koh Lan IslandHop from one island to the next
This country has a sprawling 5,000 mile coastline, which is essentially an opportunity for you to sample beaches, islands and more. Head to the North West and find places you never knew existed. Some of the islands are Koh Lan, Koh Chang, Koh Si Chang, Ko Lipe, Ko Samet, Ko Tarutao, Ko Samui, Phuket, Koh Tao, Ko Phi Phi,Ko Phangan, Ko Tarutao and Koh Lanta.

Find out about Thai religious beliefs
The largest temple in Bangkok, creatively referred to as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha is a massive case of study in Thai religious beliefs.

Go snorkeling
The amazing coastline of Thailand provides the perfect avenue for those who love to go underwater. If you are looking for great pictures from under the water, grab a camera.

Ride a Tuk Tuk
This is a great idea if you want to move around slowly while taking in the scenery in Thailand. It is also a smart way of avoiding heavier traffic.

Tuk TukKing Cobra village welcomes you
Take a trip to Ban Khok Sa-Nga and see the impressive collection of snakes the residents keep. If you are lucky, you will even catch one or two snake shows.

Khao San Road shares the Thai essence
This is an amazing array of shopping areas, massage parlous and pretty much everything a lonely backpacking expat would be looking for. The bars sample great music and the restaurants offer a great serving of plenty of cuisines.

Buy whatever you need at PatPong
No, it is no longer a red light district, but an avenue for a great collection of accessories especially if you love backpacking, PatPong is one of the 'must visit' night shopping destinations. You can get plenty of parting too in between purchases.

Get some Harem Pants on
These are a really great part of Thai dressing, so if you are looking to fit right in, look for these diverse designs and be part of the culture.

Street food in Thailand is absolutely awesome
Get some green curry or Pad Thai on the street and take a bite on the go. If you like it enough, go ahead and recreate the recipe at your own home!

Pad ThaiTake a swing to the skies
The Giant Swing stands rather tall at 27 meters. It used to be one of the swing venues popular in Thailand back in the day. Legend has it that many men died trying to grab a sack of coins placed at the top of the pole. An astonishing piece of history, even though somewhat tragic.

See the Temple of Dawn
An imposing structure off Bangkok's Riverside, this temple glows when the rays of the setting sun cast themselves upon its magnificence.

Grab your bag and head over to the Full Moon Party
Here is an opportunity at a glimpse of Thai life at its finest. Get to enjoy some fine beer while watching Thai dancers shake it off throughout the night.

Long boating would work for you too!
Chao Phraya River is a great place to ride these boats as you watch the city and its environs diminish into the background. The waters will be a little murky at times, but the sights are generally epic.

A must visit, Phi Phi Islands
If you have any doubts, check out the growing list of celebrities who cast their footprints upon these shores every day. One of the popular islands of Thailand and some would say a "must see."

Phi Phi IslandsGet chummy with fish at the local spa
If you love spas, then Thailand will take your experience to a whole new level. Sit back and have tiny fish take care of your legs by nibbling at them while swimming around.

Koh Samui wants you to fly
Grab some boots, have a set of stabilizers at hand and get up in the air.

Get creative with your diet
If you are looking to eat what the Thai people eat, grab some hoppers and locusts and crunch them like everyone else. These delicacies are found all over, so never lose the initiative to seek them out.

The Land of Smiles is a great place for any expat to work and live. Go out in the streets and mingle with the locals, find a great hobby, eat the local food, have fun and enjoy your expatlife while you are over there.

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Let us know what are your favorite places to visit in the Thailand.