17 awesome photos expats going to Singapore will appreciate

Singapore is one of the most intriguing places in Southeast Asia. It is not only a city but also a republic. It is one of the few city states in the world today. Singapore has been gaining popularity as a major tourist destination. If you are moving as an expats or just planning to visit Singapore, these 17 places should be of interest to you.

Marina Bay 
Its location in central Singapore makes Marina Bay the best place to visit. In fact, it is an extension of the central business district. It is the first place you are likely to find yourself in upon landing in this astounding city state. The skyscrapers surrounding the bay will wow you especially at night. It has public spaces where theaters and carnivals take place. It may be a refreshing experience just sitting at the bay-side and gazing across the waters.

Singapore city skyline at Marina Bay

DNA Bridge

This is a stainless steel wonder structure across Marina Bay in Singapore. It is pedestrian-crossing bridge and lies beside its vehicular counterpart, the Bayfront Bridge. Its amazing helical shape earned it the DNA name. It is also referred to as the double helix bridge. It spans over a distance of 280 meters, making a complete walkway around Marina Bay. The dazzle of the lights as they reflect off the shiny surfaces of the structure turns the bridge into an eye-catching specter at night.

DNA Bridge

Anderson Bridge 

Completed in 1910, the bridge remains one of the biggest tourist attractions in Singapore. It lies across the Singapore River and is located at the river's mouth in the Downtown Core Planning Area. You will find the Downtown Core Planning Area in the Central Area of the city state. The bridge links the Civic District and the Commercial District. It is mostly used by vehicles plying the North and Southern banks of the Singapore River.

Anderson Bridge - Old colonial style

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple
Singapore has a district known as Chinatown. As soon as you set foot in this district, your eyes fall on a very spectacular edifice: The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. The architectural style of the temple goes back to the Tang dynasty. The temple is home to the tooth relic of the Buddha. The inside of the temple showcases a sculpture of the seated Buddha, flanked by two of his lieutenants. You can view the tooth relic on the floor of the temple without any hassle since it is public.

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Marina Bay Sands

This is a breathtaking resort at Marina Bay. You should know it is valued at around S$8 billion, making it one of the most expensive casino properties in the world. It features a massive hotel with over 2,500 rooms and a 1.3 million square feet exhibition center. There is a mall, two massive theaters and a museum. Here, you will also find one of the largest atrium casinos in the world. This casino has 1,600 slot machines and 500 tables.

Marina Bay Sands

St. Andrew Cathedral

Located near City Hall, it is Singapore's largest cathedral. You are likely to see it from a distance due to its tall white spires. It lies within the central area, at the interchange in the Downtown core. It boasts of more than 55 congregations across its 26 parishes. It is the workmanship of George Drumgoole Coleman who worked on many of Singapore's structures during the colonial period. The cathedral dedicated three stained glasses to John Crawford, Sir Stamford Raffles and Major General William Butterworth.

 St Andrew's Cathedral

Little India

Lying on the eastern part of the Singapore River, Little India is considered an ethnic district. It is found north of the Kampong Glam and across from Chinatown. The local Tamil community refers to Little India as Tekka. It consists mainly of shop houses and a broad busy street. Some of the features here include the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, Tekka Mall and several Hindu temples.

Traditional colonial building in little India district

Sir Stamford Statue

In 1819, Singapore paid homage to one extraordinary guest: Sir Stamford Raffles. After making and signing treaties with the then local rulers of Singapore, Sir Stamford Raffles left. However, his departure did nothing to erase the legacy he had entrenched in this place. The people erected a statue in his honor. You will see the statue on the southern bank of the Singapore River with the Raffles Place office towers forming the backdrop.

Sir Stamford Raffles statue

Supertree Grove

Within the vast compound of the Bay gardens, there is this amazing structure referred to as the Supertree Grove. It is known as Supertree because of its amazing tree-shape. Its gleaming lights make it the most magical at night. In fact, there are several of them and together, they form an astounding show of contemporary architecture. They are fitted with solar panels which harvest sunlight during the day and use the power to flamboyantly light up the structure at night.

Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay

Victoria Theater

A tree-lined performing arts center in the middle of Singapore. It consists of two buildings with a clock tower. A common corridor joins the two buildings and the clock tower. The construction of the theater began in 1862 and was completed in 1909. Many activities take place inside the buildings. These include political gatherings, public events, musical performances and exhibitions. It has even served as a hospital for a brief period of time. The Singapore Symphony Orchestra uses the concert hall to hold their regular performances. It has been officially gazette as a national monument.

Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall

Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple

This is Singapore’s oldest temple. It is located at South Bridge Road in Chinatown. Singapore authorities have already gazette the temple as a national monument due to its unique architectural importance. The Hindu Endowment Board manages the temple under the aegis of the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports.

Roof of the Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple

Clark Quay

Clark Quay is a colorful riverside structure on the upstream of the Singapore River. It is located within the precincts of the Singapore Planning Area. It got its name from Singapore's second governor, Sir Andrew Clarke. It shares this name with the road that runs along the quay, but you are not likely to walk on it because it has been turned into a vast shopping mall.

Clark Quay

Singapore Flyer

Singapore too has a monstrous Ferris wheel. Its construction took more than two years to complete. Boasting of 28 air-conditioned capsules, it is referred to as the observation wheel. It starts at a height of 165 meters and was the tallest until the High Roller came up in Las Vegas. The High roller is almost three meters taller than its counterpart in Singapore. It is one of the many reasons tourists from all over the world flock to Singapore.

Singapore Flyer

Joo Chiat

It is a residential conservation area located on Singapore's eastern parts. It lies between Geylang Serai and Marine Parade Road. The location has an attendant road by the same name. Conserved shop houses line the Joo Chiat Road. The road is mostly busy, transporting people and goods from one end to the other.

Shophouses in Joo Chiat

Punggol Park

This is a 16-hectare park in Hougang, the northeastern part of Singapore. A large lake covers close to one-third of the park. Due to its proximity to Paya Lebar Airbase, it would be wise for you to avoid flying kites while there. To the north of the lake is a thick forest which most tourists love to give a wide berth. Not to worry though as you can do almost anything in the southern part of the park. Tourists find the place particularly appealing since it is an open public park operated by the National Parks Board.

Punggol park at Hougang area

Sentosa Island

Sentosa is one of the most popular island resorts in Singapore. The designers of the resort themed it for fantasy and adventure. Knowing only too well that you would love fantasy and a sense of adventure, it would be difficult for you to resist the allure of the place. Close to 21 million tourists visit Sentosa islands every year. The major attractions include a massive two-kilometer-long sheltered beach, a resort, a theme park and 14 hotels. For the golf lovers, there are two golf courses for you.

Sentosa Island

Kampong Glam

North of the Singapore River lies another tourist attraction site: The Kampong Glam. The name Kampong means village while Glam is a type of a tree, so this translates to a village tree. True to its name, this place has its streets lined with trees. Before the colonization by the British, the Malay aristocracy had made it a home. Kampong Glam is predominantly Muslim and is usually referred to as the Muslim Quarter. You will find well-conserved shops, especially along Arab Street. IT and design firms occupy most of these shops. In addition, you will find crafts and art galleries, as well as restaurants in Kampong Glam.

Kampong Glam

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