15 places you must see and things to do in Czech Republic, now known as Czechia

Prague - Czech Republic
If you are an expat in the Czech Republic (Now known as Czechia) looking for fun things to do and breathtaking attractions to visit, you will not be disappointed, despite the country being one of the smallest in Europe. Thanks to a high class public transit system and the size of the country, it is easy to get around and it will not take much to visit the best places in the country, especially if you have the time to explore the country exhaustively. Here are the top 15 things to do and places to visit in Czech Republic.

Moravian Karst
Moravian Karst is a geologic phenomenon in a protected region north of Brno. Visit the site to see giant series of underground limestone gorges and caverns stretching thousands of square kilometers.

The Clementinum and Strahov MonasteryLibraries
While in Prague, take the time to visit the largest and oldest libraries in Europe—the magnificent Klementinum and the 12th Century StrahovskyKláster. Other must-see libraries are the Philosophical Library and theTheological Library.

Cesky Krumlov
The magnificent town of Cesky features a large Bohemian castle. The city was built in late 13th Century when it was Bohemians’ trade stronghold. It is one of the few places that have retained a medieval design and feel and offers succulent food, timeless charm, and great shops.

Castle KarlstejnCastle Karlstejn
Another attraction you must see while in Czech Republic is the 14th Century Gothic Castle formerly the home of Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV. Just 30 km from Prague, it is a magnificent landmark that served as a royal home, war fortress, and storehouse for treasure at different points.

Kutná Hora
Built as a Bohemian monastery in 1142, the Kutna Hora town boomed and prospered in the 12th century under German control. Some of the top must-see places in the town are St Barbaras Church, Italian Court and the Ossuary (bone house).

The Techmania Science Centre
If you are an expat in Czech Republic with kids, keep them happy by taking them to the TheTechmania Science Centre. Located a short distance from Plzen city center, the center has a fun 3D planetarium, an expansive interactive science center, and numerous travelling exhibitions.

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Telc is in the southern Moravia region. The 14th Century port town boasts of renaissance architecture and Easter egg colors that make it a picturesque town to pay a visit. There are also beautiful churches including local Jesuit Church and the Holy Ghost.

Charles Bridge in PragueCharles Bridge in Prague
Have fun traversing the most important and spectacular river crossing in the city of Prague. The 520-meter bridge has numerous unique points of interest spanning across River Vltava including amazing statues.

Drink beer in Plzen
Plzen is a western Bohemian city and the fourth largest in the country. It is globally renowned for its great architecture including the Great Synagogue, St Bartholomew’s Cathedral, and the Renaissance style Town Hall as well as Pilsner beer.

Visit the birthplace of renowned classical music composer Bedrich Smetana and get to see the magnificent Portmoneum—the former home of Josef Portmon. If you are an art lover, you will lover the immersive style art covered furniture, walls, and ceilings.

Prague Castle
The Prague Castle (Pra'sk'hrad) is a focal point when visiting the Czech Republic. The castle dates back to the 10th century and once housed Bohemian kings, Holy Roman Emperors, and recently, the President of Czech Republic.

National Theatre PragueCulture Immersion at Czech’s National Theatre
The Czech’s National Theatre made up of four spectacular ensembles including ballet, drama, opera and Laternamagika is a great place to enjoy an evening or an entire weekend. The actors rotate performances inside the establishment’s historic buildings.

Hot Springs of Karlovy Vary
The hot springs of Karlovy Vary are believed to have healing powers for anything from brain tumors to poor digestion. The town has exceptional spas that were originally a reserve for nobles and amazing architecture to see.

Witness the Wonders of the Astronomical Clock
Join crowds that gather every hour at the Old Town Square in Prague to witness the wonders of the mechanical Astronomical Clock. Every hour, “death” inverts the hourglass and 12 apostles parade past.

There is much to see and experience in Olomouc, a town created as a Roman fort in the imperial period and later the residence of Moravian governor. The town boasts of a dozen beautiful religious buildings, six baroque fountains, an art museum, and a spectacular astronomical clock.

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Let us know what are your favorite places to visit in the Czech Republic.