Expats explore and enjoy local food and drinks abroad

Moving abroad as an expat is so exciting in many ways. You will have so many new experiences, one of which will be exploring the local food and drinks in your country of residence.

What is the food scene like? What are the local customs? What do the locals eat for breakfast? Is the food similar, different or too spicy? These are some of the questions you will like answered if you are planning to travel or if you are already abroad. Here, we feature some of the countries and the food and drink you can and should try while living there.


Shawarma Bahrain cuisine

The cuisine of Bahrain has gone through various changes over time. In the early ...
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Expat food - If you are an expat in Germany some of the food and desserts you should ...
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New Zealand

New Zealand mussel

Described as the Pacific Rim, New Zealand's cultural diversity, and culinary innovation ...
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Hong Kong

Hong Kong food

Food in Hong Kong is highly influenced by Japan, Southeast Asia, Western world, Cantonese and ...
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Paella Spain food

Although it is famous for its outstanding sandy beaches; food and drinks in Spain are exceptional ...
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Snert - peas soup

Throughout history, food in the Netherlands has always been closely linked to the Indonesian food ...
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