VakifBank expat banking services complete with foreign language support

VakifBank is currently the seventh largest bank in Turkey in terms of asset size. Headquartered in Levent, Beşiktaş, Istanbul, the bank has operations around the world. The bank was established in 1954, at which time it was intended to manage cash for charitable foundations established during the Ottoman Empire. Hardly a decade after its establishment, it decided to diversify its products and services, a culture that has helped it get where it is today.

The largest portion of VakifBank is managed by GDF (General Directorate of Foundations), which owns 58.45% of VakifBank shares. GDF is a Turkish body established in 1924 to administer and regulate charitable foundations in Turkey on behalf of the government. Individuals and other legal entities also own part of the institution, although these own a minority stake in the company.

Today, the bank's financial products include expat banking, consumer banking, investment banking, business banking, mortgages, private banking, corporate banking, capital market activities, and other financial services. Customers of VakifBank also get services such as insurance, leasing, and factoring services. The bank offers these financial services around the world through its branches, subsidiaries and affiliate companies.

At the moment, the bank owns 23 subsidiaries and affiliates, most of which operate in the financial sector. VakifBank also has one of the widest banking networks in Turkey, where it operates more than 900 branches. The bank also runs more than 3,400 ATMs, and over 160,000 POS units. The bank has also ranked highly for having more than 10 million credit and debit cards in circulation as of 2014. VakifBank also provides expat banking services complete with foreign language support and numerous account features.

1. Do they provide online banking?

2. Do they have an English website?
Yes. Also english speaking staff.

3. What's the required minimum amount to open a checking account?
No minimum amount required to open an account.

4. What's the required minimum to open a savings account?
No minimum amount required to open an account.

5. Which countries do they operate in?
Turkey, United States, Austria, Iraq, and Bahrain.

6. Do they issue debit cards?

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