Shinhan Bank Korea offers banking services to expats

Shinhan Bank
Shinhan Bank is a Korean bank with its headquarters in Seoul, Korea. Founded 118 years ago in 1897, it was also the first bank in the country. It later became part of Shinhan Financial Group through an acquisition. The financial group consists of Shinhan Bank, Shinhan Capital, and Shinhan Investment.

Already one of the top banks in Korea, Shinhan has also managed to establish a global banking network evidenced by its presence in over a dozen countries around the world. The bank has over 22 million customers and over 13,000 employees. At the moment, the bank has more than 70 offices in the countries where it is based.

In Korea, it has almost 950 locations, making it one of the most easily accessible banking institutions for Korean residents and expats alike. The bank has won many awards, including the 2014 Global Finance award for being the “Best Domestic Bank” in Korea. It has also won an award for its wealth management services as well as other globally-recognized awards for various banking services.

Shinhan Bank offers a broad choice of financial services. They include retail banking, wealth management, institutional banking, corporate banking, securities brokerage, and investment banking. Through its Shinhan Expat Banking services, the institution also provides banking services and products to expats from around the world. The bank even has in place a center which exclusively serves foreigners in Seoul.

1. Do they provide online banking?

2. Do they have an English website?
Yes. Also english speaking staff.

3. What's the required minimum amount to open a checking account?
No minimum deposit. Accounts can be used with these currencies: AUD, USD, CAD, THB, CHF, SAR, DKK, MYR, EUR, KWD, GBP, IDR, HKD, CNY, JPY, BHD, NOK, AED, NZD, SGD, and SEK.

4. What's the required minimum to open a savings account?
Yes. A minimum of $100 USD or equivalent in these currencies: AUD, USD, CAD, SGD, CHF, NZD, EUR, JPY, GBP, and HKD.

5. Which countries do they operate in?
Korea, China, India, Canada, Kazakhstan, United Kingdom, Germany, United States, Japan, Mexico, Uzbekistan, Cambodia, Singapore, Myanmar, Poland, Hong Kong, and Vietnam.

6. Do they issue debit cards?

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