DenizBank offer various services aimed at expat customers

DenizBank Expat banking
DenizBank was established by the state in 1928 in order to fund the Turkish maritime sector. The bank has over the years grown and undergone transitions that culminated in its acquisition by Sberbank, Russia's biggest bank, in 2012. However, it had become a private institution further back in 1997. The bank improved its position in the banking industry by diversifying into other financial sectors and markets outside Turkey. In fact, DenizBank considers itself as a one stop shop for various financial services.

The bank currently has 10 subsidiaries, three of which are located abroad. It offers services to retail clients as well as corporate clients. The bank also offers specific services to various niche markets and boasts of about 800 branches, both local and international. DenizBank specializes in banking services such as retail banking, expat banking, business banking, private banking, commercial banking, agriculture banking, and public finance.

DenizBank also offers personal loans, business loans, agriculture loans, commercial loans, and corporate loans. The bank also offers wealth management services, insurances for various banking niches, and commercial and retail credit cards. It also offers various services aimed at expat customers, which include credit, mortgages, savings plans, and other banking and financial products.

1. Do they provide online banking?

2. Do they have an English website?
Yes. Also english speaking staff.

3. What's the required minimum amount to open checking account?
There is no minimum deposit for opening a checking account.

4. Minimum Amount To Open Savings Account?
The account can be opened using a minimum of 1,000 TL, USD, or EUR to enjoy interest. A savings account can also be opened with a minimum of 10 grams of gold.

5. Which countries do they operate in?
DenizBank has locations in Turkey, Austria, and Russia. 

6. Do they issue debit cards?
Yes. (DenizBank Para Card)

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