Creditwest Bank - Serving the expat community in North Cyprus

Creditwest bank
Creditwest Bank Limited was established in 1994 in Turkey under the name Altınbaşbank. With 14 branches, two subsidiaries, and a global financial network, Creditwest Bank, is one of the many banks offering services to expats in North Cyprus. The bank is now part of Altınbaş Holding, which, after taking over the bank, went on to open the Creditwest Ukrainian branch.

The institution provides a wide variety of other commercial and personal banking services. The bank's role in the global network is underpinned by its existing correspondence agreements with several banks around the world. Creditwest even turned out to be the first Turkish bank to have operations in Ukraine, where it provides banking services to locals and expats, both from Turkey and elsewhere in the world.

Creditwest Bank pays high emphasis on quality customer services, its extensive and still growing banking network, innovativeness, and personalized services provided by expert employees. After getting an AA- investment grade in 2009, the company has improved its position over the years to reach an AA+ rating in 2012, a rating it has sustained to date.

The bank offers several banking products, including financial market transactions, insurance, loans, and other commercial, expat banking and personal financial services. Creditwest also provides private banking services such as investment and portfolio management. The bank also supports other sectors including agriculture, farming, and traditional craft through targeted campaigns.

1. Do they provide online banking?

2. Do they have an English website?
Yes. Also english speaking staff.

3. What's the required minimum amount to open a checking account?
No minimum amount required to open an account.

4. What's the required minimum to open a savings account?
No minimum deposit required to open a savings account. Account can be opened using Turkish Lira, USD, GBP, EUR, TRY, and other foreign currencies.

5. Which countries do they operate in?
Turkey, Ukraine, and Cyprus.

6. Do they issue debit cards?

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