BNP Paribas financial services for expatriates

BNP Paribas Expat banking
BNP Paribas Bank, headquartered in Paris, but with operations around the world, is one of the biggest banking institutions in the world. The multinational corporation came into being in 2000 after the merger of Banque Nationale de Paris (BNP) and Paribas. BNP dates back to 1848, which is 167 years ago, while Paribas was established in 1872.

The banking giant currently has a presence in 75 countries. The company has also managed to make inroads into major international financial markets. Its success has also benefited from the synergistic business it has created through its commercial and financial operations. Much of its business is within Europe, where it boasts of 150 business centers in 23 countries.

The bank offers a multiplicity of banking services including retail banking, corporate banking, as well as investment banking. The company makes billions of dollars in profits every year from its extensive global operations. The bank is also involved in cinema and tennis, as well as CSR commitments consisting of philanthropy on a global scale. The company is also concerned with the environment, a cause it aids through the BNP Paribas Foundation.

In addition to serving domestic markets in France, Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg, BNP Paribas also offers international financial services to individuals, companies, and investors around the world. This is partly the reason this is a go-to bank for many expatriates due to its extensive banking network as well as its breadth of banking services.

1. Do they provide online and mobile banking?

2. Do they have an English website?
Yes. Also english speaking staff.

3. What's the required minimum amount to open a checking account?
The account has no minimum balance, and is available in a choice of 11 currencies.

4. What's the required minimum amount to open a savings account?
No minimum deposit. Account can be opened in 11 currencies from around the world.

5. Which countries do they operate in?
BNP Paribas has operations in France, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, United States, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine, India, Singapore, Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, and dozens of other locations around the world.

6. Do they issue debit cards?

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