The essence of expat banking  
Expatriate banking was born out of the need for those working away from home to manage and control their finances with minimal hassle. Through it, expats are able to navigate fiscal and jurisdictional hurdles active in the places they operate from.

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Expat housing
Is buying a house the best choice for an expat?
It is hard enough finding a house when you understand the real estate landscape around you. It is even harder for ...

New Zealand food
Unique food experience await expats in New Zealand
For a true and authentic New Zealand food experience, every expat must partake in the traditional Maori Hangi.

The interesting world of expat banking
Expats spend plenty of time moving around, and this makes it a little complicated for them to manage finances and grow ...

No trip to Spain is complete without tasting its dishes
In its history, the cuisine of Spain was highly influenced by endless cultures that settled or passed through the land.

Expat Banks

ABN AMRO is a Dutch-owned bank which was founded back in 1991. It serves retail, private and corporate ... more

Ceska Sporitelna
Ceska Sporitelna
Ceska Sporitelna, established in 1825 and headquartered in Prague, is the largest private bank in Czech ... more

BNP Paribas
BNP Paribas
BNP Paribas Bank, headquartered in Paris, but with operations around the world, is one of ... more

ANZ bank operates in over 30 other countries, which makes it a good choice for expats looking for a bank ... more


Buddha Tooth Relic Temple
17 awesome photos expats going to Singapore will appreciate
Singapore is one of the most intriguing places in Southeast Asia. It is not only a city but also a republic. It is one of the few city states ...

25 best things for new expats in Thailand to do
According to the Thai Bureau of immigration, there are between 300,000 and 400,000 expats in the country at the moment. Most of them ...

Prague Czech Republic
15 places you must see and things to do in Czech Republic
If you are an expat in the Czech Republic looking for fun things to do and breathtaking attractions to visit, you will not be disappointed.

Da Nang Vietnam
Overview of top 15 places to see and things to do in Vietnam
Vietnam is a place of striking landscapes ranging from lush rice terraces and sandy white beaches to forested mountains and misty highlands.

Food and Drinks


Shawarma Bahrain cuisine

The cuisine of Bahrain has gone through various changes over time. In the early ...
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Expat food - If you are an expat in Germany some of the food and desserts you should ...
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New Zealand

New Zealand mussel

Described as the Pacific Rim, New Zealand's cultural diversity, and culinary innovation ...
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